Grow a Book: Turning Your Story Idea into a Workable Plot

Tree Growing Out of a BookThis workshop is now retired, but I have created a Kindle version of it that includes all the lessons and exercises from the workshop.

***Available March 8, 2016 as an e-Book, Exclusively at – Click HERE to Pre-order***

Kindle Unlimited members can download the book for free, and Amazon Prime members can borrow the book for free.

Do you have a story idea but aren’t sure what to do next? Have you started writing a story, but now find your plot stuck in a corner? Have you lost interest in your story idea because the plot became boring? Whether you’re a plotter who loves to outline or a pantser who prefers to hit the open road without a map, a broad strokes outline can help you avoid the pitfall of the unworkable plot.

Grow a Book: Turning Your Story Idea Into a Workable Plot guides you in creating a broad strokes outline at the “idea” stage, so you get the “big picture” of the story right away and can more easily spot and correct plot problems, such as the sagging middle or superficial conflict, before they become writing roadblocks that waste your time. If you’re stuck in a story, the broad strokes outline can help pinpoint where you might have taken a wrong turn and guide you back to the right course.

A little planning can save you a lot of time during revisions, too. And a broad strokes outline, which only hits the high points of the story to keep you on track, won’t bog you down with so many details you feel stifled. You can still write by the seat of your pants, if that’s your style, but the outline offers you some boundaries so you don’t disappear into the weeds and have to start all over.

And as a bonus, your outline quickly converts into a brief synopsis with only a little editing and gives you a head start on your query letter.

Lesson topics include: Story Idea, Main Characters, Character GMC and Story Problem, Conflict, Inciting Incident, Turning Points, Black Moment, Resolution and Character Arc, and Turning the Outline into a Brief Synopsis, with a bonus lesson on writing a logline for queries or conferences.



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