Welcome to my little corner of the web, which is mostly about my writing and teaching, but I’m also an avid crafter, so you’ll see some of that here as well. Please use the links across the top to visit the different areas of the site.

Old book with pen on deskWRITING

I dabble in a variety of different writing projects from non-fiction to fiction, but my main focus is book-length romantic fiction and mystery/suspense fiction. My first book is a young adult time travel set in 1957 entitled Wishing You Were Here. Details on this book and other projects in the works can be found on the Books page.

Red apple on a branch


I currently teach several online workshops for aspiring writers, including: Principles of Good Website Design for Writers, How to Design and Teach an Online Workshop, Turning your Story Idea into a Workable Plot., and more! Dates of upcoming classes can be found on the Workshops page.

Custom Barbie in early 1900s gold Edwardian gown


My favorite craft is crochet, and I love to make historical gowns for Barbie. I also knit, sew and make jewelry. You can see some examples of my work at my crochet website, in my Crafty Pattern store and my Crafts By Cathy Etsy store.


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