Works in Progress

Like most writers, I often have a variety of projects in different stages of completion at any given time. While I may be working primarily on a single project, it’s nice to take a break once in a while and do something a little different to liven up the creative juices. Here are some projects that are still works in progress:

Pages from the Heart contest First Place winner badgeHUSH: THE DEAD DON’T TELL (formerly known as SWINGS AND PENDULUMS)

A sixteen year old girl in denial about her sister’s death finds herself in a new town and drawn into the mystery of what happened to the girl who lived in her house before her, while the suspected teenage killer continues to live across the street, go to her school and send her heart racing every time she sees him.

A 80,000-word young adult suspense.


In a small town, it’s hard to step out of the shadow of your mother’s scandalous reputation when you fall for your best friend’s delinquent brother and head down the same disastrous path your mom took years ago.

A 60,000-word young adult romance about finding the courage to break free of expectations and make your own way.


One Italian reporter with a penchant for the truth…
One British rock star with a deadly secret to hide…

A 100,000-word adult romantic suspense set against the backdrop of popular music and organized crime.


A contemporary new adult novella set at a renaissance faire.


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