Pursued by Evil

***NOTE: As of July 16, 2018, Amazon Kindle Worlds is closed 😦 and my Vampire Diaries novellas are no longer available for download.***

Thank you to all The Vampire Diaries fans for reading my stories while they were available. I hope you enjoyed them.

The story may not be over yet. While I can’t use any of licensed TVD characters in my works going forward, I can of course use my original shapeshifter characters (Ariana, Meleda, and Niel) and their mysterious island of ancient secrets. So, the door is not completely closed on any new paranormal stories from me. Stayed tuned.

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a Kindle Worlds Vampire Diaries Novella

Pursued by Evil, a Vampire Diaries novella, by Catherine ChantStefan Salvatore leaves Mystic Falls, heartbroken that the love of his life has chosen his brother over him. Although a close friend recently reminded him that immortal beings have many loves in their lives, Stefan doubts he’ll ever meet anyone like Elena Gilbert again. That is, until a freak accident brings him face-to-face with equestrian trainer Ariana Pallas. She instantly reminds him of the young Elena he fell in love with, with one big exception. Ariana isn’t human. She isn’t a vampire either. In fact, Stefan has no idea what she is, but he’s willing to stick around a small Blue Ridge town to find out.

Meanwhile, Damon Salvatore knows he’d be a fool to think Elena’s feelings for Stefan have simply vanished because she chose Damon. The girl is riddled with guilt. He jets her off to Bermuda with the hope of assuaging some of that guilt with a little romance. Instead they encounter an evil so ancient and so elusive it was relegated to legend–an evil somehow connected to Stefan’s new lady friend, and on its way to Mystic Falls.

With time running out and options limited, the brothers must put aside their differences and team up to save the people they love from one pissed off hellion bent on exacting retribution for a centuries-old betrayal.

Available from Amazon.com, October 28, 2013

Kindle AISN: B00G7OVSZ4

Spotify Playlist I use for inspiration while writing my Vampire Diaries novellas

The story continues in EVIL AFTER MIDNIGHT, available at Amazon April, 2014


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