Evil After Midnight

a Kindle Worlds Vampire Diaries Novella

The Vampire Diaries: Evil After Midnight by Catherine Chant

A journey of hope…

In PURSUED BY EVIL Stefan Salvatore’s broken heart began to mend when he met horse trainer Ariana Pallas. Except Ariana had a past filled with dark secrets, one of which attacked Mystic Falls and took Ariana captive. In their last moment together, Stefan promised to protect Ariana’s daughter from the same fate.

A promise to keep…

Now, Stefan finds his hands full trying to run Ariana’s teaching stables and look after spirited Meleda, who has even more secrets than her mother did. When the evil that took Ariana comes after Meleda, Stefan enlists the help of Damon, Elena and Bonnie to battle the ancient evil on its own turf, halfway around the world, and save the woman he loves.

(EVIL AFTER MIDNIGHT is the sequel to PURSUED BY EVIL. It is strongly recommended that you read both the novellas to enjoy the full storyline.)

Available for Kindle from Amazon.com.

Kindle AISN: B00JDQP5L6

Spotify Playlist I use for inspiration while writing my Vampire Diaries novellas

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