Antagonist or Heroine, It’s All in the Perspective

In honor of my upcoming release, LOST WITHOUT YOU, which features one of the major secondary characters from WISHING YOU WERE HERE, I thought I’d reblog a post I did last year over at The Scribbling Divas about this character.

In WISHING YOU WERE HERE, Sable was the girl you loved to hate. She was the antagonist that made heroine Callie’s life very difficult.

In LOST WITHOUT YOU, Sable’s the heroine this time around. Now she’s the one on the receiving end of some unpleasant events, starting with the unexpected death of her fiancé, Joey Tempo.

“S” is for Sable Courtney, the Antagonist in Wishing You Were Here

The ScribBLING Divas are participating in the A to Z blog hop for April. “S” is for SABLE COURTNEY, one of the “antagonists” in my young adult time travel romance Wishing You Were Here. I say antagonist, because she’s more an opposing force than an outright “bad” person or villain. She just has plans and dreams that run contrary to those of our story heroine, Callie Reinard.

Seventeen-year-old Sable is a product of her wealthy, privileged environment as well as the era in which she lives, the 1950s. Her outlook for the future is not that different from the other girls around her, but it is very different for what a modern girl like Callie has in mind for her own future. This is best illustrated in the excerpt below where Sable discusses plans for her upcoming wedding to Joey Tempo, the teen idol Callie saved from a plane crash a few days earlier.

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