My Recommended Reads for August

This summer, thanks to a nasty virus, I’ve had a lot of recuperation time on my hands and spent much of that time reading.  Here are some great books I found:

The White Princess by Philippa Gregory Book CoverThe White Princess (Cousins’ War) by Philippa Gregory

Probably not a surprise here, because I think the book is a best seller already and the new STARZ series “The While Queen” debuted in August, but this book was really good. If you’ve read any of the other Tudor books or Cousins’ War books by this author, you’ll find this one just as engrossing.

The White Princess tells the story of Princess Elizabeth of York, daughter of the White Queen and wife to King Henry the VII. Lots of intrigue and mystery in this one due in large part to the whole “Princes in the Tower” conundrum. Did the boys survive? Did King Henry VII order them killed? Imagine being married to someone who not only killed the man you loved, but also might have killed your brothers. Really interesting story with a strong foundation in historical facts.

Duel With the Devil by Paul Collins Book CoverDuel with the Devil: The True Story of How Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr Teamed Up to Take on America’s First Sensational Murder Mystery by Paul Collins

That’s quite a mouthful for a title, but I tell ya, it grabbed my attention and made me pick it up. I’m not a huge political history fan, but the murder mystery in this book kept me hooked and in the end I found the historical landscape (including all the political machinations) truly fascinating.

I particularly enjoyed the chance to experience New York City was it was a hundred years ago and marvel over how much has changed. Just the idea of so much open land so close to the city piqued my curiosity. I love when books include maps or other visuals that you can then compare to modern versions. I enjoyed this book a great deal and look forward to reading more by this author (who was brand new to me).

Home To Whiskey Creek by Brenda Novak Book CoverHome to Whiskey Creek by Brenda Novak

Last month I mentioned the first book in this series as a great read. Well, the rest of the series is pretty good too. In fact, I think this book (Book 4) may be my most favorite one in the series so far. It’s contemporary romance, but has a strong suspense theme that starts right from the beginning with the heroine kidnapped, threatened and left to die in a mine shaft. Talk about starting out with a bang. I couldn’t put it down after that!

Home to Whiskey Creek reminded me a bit of the author’s gripping suspense trilogies like the Stillwater trilogy (Dead Silence, Dead Giveaway, Dead Right), which I devoured in no time at all. I just love stories about buried secrets. This book also has a very touching romance and as always shares that charming small-town vibe of the previous books in the series. I really enjoyed this one and eagerly await the author’s next book, whether straight contemporary, nail-biting suspense, or a mixture of both. 😀